I am asking for suggestions of characters to draw to help keep me going, since there are so many to choose from. Please fill out this little form and post it here if you want to make a request. Human characters only please.


Current Request List
Luke (Fuzors) [needs scanning]
Dr. D (CC Anime) [needs coloring]
Rakoru (Zoids Dash) [needs coloring]
Wolff (Battle Story)[sketching]
Kirsche (CC Manga)
Hanna (CC Manga)
Chris Tasker (NC0)
Kelly Tasker (NC0)
Ruuji (Genesis)

Click below to see what characters I have references of. If I don't have them listed, please be sure to provide a reference if you have one.

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Starting Up!

I got an idea to practice art a bit by drawing little profile images of the various Zoids characters, because there are so many! A lot of them have some really fun designs, that should help keep the project interesting for me.

Keep in mind, these will be simple chibi bust drawings. Also, my updates may be sporadic depending on how busy my work schedule is, but I'd like to update regularly.

Zoids is a series I feel deeply in love with back in 2002 with the Chaotic Century anime when it aired on Cartoon Network. I had heard of Zoids before, but the anime really drew me in. It wasn't long before I started watching the other series and collecting models. Now I'm fairly well versed in the various Zoids properties and have collected over 200 models, plus DVDs, manga and video games.

I will admit that I'm not as strongly obsessed with Zoids as I once was, but it shall always hold a fondness for me, and I'll always consider it as an important chapter in my life.
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