I posted the rest of my buffer to cover the last few days I missed updating. I have a few more I'm working on, but unfortunately it'll probably have to wait for a while. My grandmother passed away last night, so I'll probably be away for a while until after the funeral.

Take care.

006 - Rebecca

Requested by Steve

This is Rebecca from the Chaotic Century manga universe. It's a bit different from the anime. Rebecca is Irvine's younger sister. She's pretty curious and likes her brother a lot, even though he tries to hide his true profession from her.


005 - Aquity


This is Aquity (I'm hoping that's a good Romanization of her name) from Zoids Saga Fuzors. She's the main character's childhood friend. They both work with the ZiG Corporation.

I don't know much about her, but I thought she was cute.


004 - The Namer

Requested by Rantinan.

Another Zoids UK Comic character. This one is the last member of Planet Zoidstar's Zoidaeyan race. He is called "The Namer" because it is his duty to name the Zoids.


003 - Freya


Freya from the Zoids Cyber Drive game. I really don't know anything about her, except that she has two designs. One where she has long straight hair, and this one with the sort of bushy ponytail. I thought this one was more interesting.

I like the character designs for Cyber Drive, but not the body shapes. Their eyes are maddening!


002 - Phil Carradine

Requested by Tilly.

It's Phil from the UK comic, rockin' it 80's style. Having been framed, he ends up on the prison ship that crash lands on planet Zoidstar. He's not exactly the luckiest fellow. I like him.

He looks strange in this style.


001 - O'Connell


Of course I have to start this off with my personal favorite Zoids character. It's O'Connell from Chaotic Century/Guardian Force. Though just a supporting character, I was always very fond of him.

I think his eyes are supposed to be more of a brownish color, but oh well.

On a side note, I'll try to update this daily as long as I can keep up a buffer. As you can tell, these are pretty simple illustrations, so it doesn't take too long to make them.


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