I am asking for suggestions of characters to draw to help keep me going, since there are so many to choose from. Please fill out this little form and post it here if you want to make a request. Human characters only please.


Current Request List
Luke (Fuzors) [needs scanning]
Dr. D (CC Anime) [needs coloring]
Rakoru (Zoids Dash) [needs coloring]
Wolff (Battle Story)[sketching]
Kirsche (CC Manga)
Hanna (CC Manga)
Chris Tasker (NC0)
Kelly Tasker (NC0)
Ruuji (Genesis)

Click below to see what characters I have references of. If I don't have them listed, please be sure to provide a reference if you have one.

All characters for Chaotic Century/Guardian Force, New Century, Fuzors and Genesis.

I have the manga for Chaotic Century (plus the extended webcomic ver), New Century, Zoids Battler Raiga, & Iron Soul!! Zoids Core Competition. I also have scans from the fist volume of Zoids Planet Zi.

Video Games
(need to fix this, the links no longer work)

Dash & Battle Colosseum
Character Page

Cyber Drive
Character Page

Full Metal Clash
Character Page


Saga I
Saga II
Saga III: Fuzors

Silver Beast
Allstar, Solid, Party, Blue Gem

Who are these characters??

Versus I: Claudia, Al, Zan, Tita, Leviathe, Liner, Max
Versus II: None
Versus III: Character Page


Battle Story
Wolff, Anna, Ray Gregg, Arthur Borgman, Stormer, Elena, Shuu, Tommy Paris

Zoids Generations
Jin, Ken, Lethe, Midori, Seki

Zoids UK Comic
I should be able to find references for any characters, but I may need some assistance with remembering who's who. It's been a while since I read it.

Zoids Web Comic
Celica and Bucks. I can probably scrounge up refs for Yasu and Maya too.

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